CIOCIARIA - Trip in the countryside of Ciociaria, with many attractions


South-east of Rome are the two rivers Sacco and Liri, major transport routes in the direction of Naples. This area and mountain region is called "La Ciociaria" (the sandals country).

Some of the towns of the area with their historical centers and monasteries, as Segni, the monastery of "Certosa di Trisulti" Fumone, Veroli and Arpino are worth seeing.

There are also beautiful medieval, worth seeing small towns and villages, as Genazzano, Olevano Romano, Ferentino, Alatri and Subiaco.

Furthermore, in the area of Ciociaria the following monasteries are worth seeing: Benedictine monastery of Subiaco and Abbazia di Montecassino, as well as Palestrina (oracle sanctuary) and Anagni (Cathedral), Alatri (Acropolis), and Isola di Liri (waterfall).

Fiuggi is situated in the mountains of Monti Ernici and is one of Italy's oldest and most famous thermal resorts.
West of Alatri is the sleepy little village Fumone with its castle, which lies on a cone-shaped mountain.
Worth a visit is also Casamari with the Abbazia di Casamari.

In the area of "Ciociaria" you can also do very nice walks.