MONTI LEPINI - trip to the beautiful and ancient little towns
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At the southern edge of the mountains "Monti Lepini", which rise to 1,400 meters, are the nice towns Cori, Norma, Priverno and Sermoneta, which are all worth a visit.

Cori, a beautiful medieval city, is worth a visit.

Giardini di Ninfa: A beautiful, wild garden with the remains of old buildings and famous churches. This garden can be visited on certain days with guided tours.

Norma, lies on a rocky terrace high above the Pontine plain, with great views. The town still has its picturesque winding center. 2 km outside of the village are the ruins of the ancient Latin city Norba.

Priverno is a pretty medieval town with its Gothic-Cistercian style abbey and the adjoining monastery, "Abbazia di

Fossanova", which is the oldest building in the Italian Gothic-Cistercian style.

Sermoneta is an almost completely preserved and beautifully restored medieval old town of southern Lazio with a castle, which is worth viewing.