RIVIERA DI ULISSE - beautiful seaside area, south of Rome


The Riviera di Ulisse offers picturesque old town with beautiful views of the sea.

Fondi is a remarkable city with numerous testimonies of its distant past, when she was still a way station of the Via Appia on the way from Rome to Naples. In Fondi lies the remarkable "Abbazia di San Magno".

Formia is a city on the sea, which is identified by the legend as a city of Lestrigonen, those giants that described by Homer in his Odyssey.

Near Formia lies the medieval village Maranola, on a hill overlooking the Gulf of Gaeta, with beautiful little streets, alleys and small squares.
Near Formia lies also the lovely city Minturnae, which is one of the oldest Roman cities in southern Lazio

Gaeta is a medieval old town, which is surrounded almost entirely by sea. Here lies the nature reserve of Monte Orlando in Gaeta, a promontory which is almost entirely surrounded by the sea, with incomparable ocean views and a large variety of plant species.
Near Gaeta is the picturesque Town of Itri, of ancient origin.
From the port of Formia using the ferry you arrive to the island Ventotene. This island is one of the last corners of paradise of the Mediterranean, also marine park and national nature reserve, with beautiful scenarios, mild air, and colorful sea with a long history.

At the port of Formia, you can take the ferry to the island of Ponza, which was already popular among the Romans and the Bourbons because of its clear water. We recommend a boat trip around the island. You can also take a trip to the next door island of Palmarola, with crystal clear water, full of fish seabed. Ponza is also easily accessible from the ports of Terracina and Anzio.

Sperlonga is an ancient city, with characteristic white houses and narrow streets, its squares and the impressive panorama of the sea.

Terracina is referred to as a city of myths and dreams due to their enviable geographic location. Worth seeing is the old town. Various thermal baths south of Rome invite from spring to autumn for a swim.