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About Rome there are enough good guide books. We therefore concentrate on offering you a few additional informations, which can make your visit to Rome still more enjoyable and interesting.

Here are some brief information about the city areas, which you should make sure to visit:

Stroll along the Via Appia, located a bit outside the town center, with many antique monuments.

Take a walk on the Aventine - hill, with beautiful churches, parks and views of Rome

Relax at a bar or restaurant it Campo de Fiori and stroll along the Via Giulia, with interesting houses and palaces.

Visit the ancient Rome in the "Foro Roman - Palatinoand enjoy the beautiful park with views of Rome.

The Capitol and Piazza Venezia is the center of Rome and a beautiful place. Enjoy the views and visit the interesting museum "Musei Capitolini".

Then visit to the monument to Vittorio Emanuele II (near to the square "Piazza Venezia", with its beautiful terrace over Rome, with coffee - bar

The visit of the Colosseum is a must. Afterwards a leisurely walk in the Parco Celio is recommended.

Piazza Navona is always quite animated, enjoy the atmosphere around this place.

Near Piazza Navona, you'll find the idyllic space with the Pantheon monument. Enjoy this place, also with an ice cream at one of the romans most popular bars "Giolitti".

Piazza del Popolo and Piazza di Spagna Piazza del Popolo is a huge place, right next to it the church is worth a visit, and then go up to the Pincio with its beautiful views of Rome. Walk also through the large park of Villa Borghese with its several interesting museums

The "Quirinale and Trevi fountain", the presidential palace can be visited on Sunday morning, and there is a large museum with interesting special expositions nearby. Visti the famous Trevi fountain

The Esquilino district in the centre of Rome reaches from the Colosseum to the train station Roma Termini and has some nice places worth seeing.

Piazza Barberini, Via Veneto and its surroundings offer the following attractions: Piazza Barberini with the Fountain "Fontana del Tritone" created by Bernini - Via Veneto, with noble hotels and street cafés - Church "Santa Maria della Vittoria", with Bernini sculpture, "Piazza della Repubblica" square with the church "Santa Maria degli Angeli".

North of the center of Rome there are parks that are worth visiting, such as Villa Torlonia and the Coppede district.

The Trastevere - District is lively and has many beautiful streets, homes and churches. Thereafter up to Giannicolo, where you can enjoy in a park, the best views of Rome. Right next you find the huge park Villa Pamphili, which is great for hiking and relax amidst the city.

The Vatican with church and museum is a must. After the visit relax in the columns of St. Peter's Square.


If you take the metro B from the train station "Roma Termini" station towards the sea, you will come to the metro stops: Piramide (near Testaccio) and Eur. The terminus of Metro B is close to the EUR , the GRA (Grande Raccordo Anulare) and the sea. In this area you will find various places of interest (some of which can be reached by metro, but others may be better reached by car). For more information and photos see: Quartier Piramide / Testaccio and Eur.